Bellagio Is All About Quality and Style

Bellagio has been established as the leading specialist in exclusive jewellery since 1955.  It was founded in 1955 by Mr Ismail Ravat, as a small jewellery store in the heart of the Vereeniging C.B.D. In 1965 he brought his son, Mr Ahmed Ravat, into the business. By 1980 they had established a manufacturing division employing some of the most talented goldsmiths available locally.

Our superb jewellery collections are the result of our years of experience in jewellery manufacturing and our dedication to maintaining the highest levels of quality.

The Bellagio client deserves only the best so be prepared to be mesmerized!

Design & Manufacturing
It’s all about Quality & Style

Adding a subtle touch of personal inspiration to the glamor of gold and diamonds is what turns jewellery into treasure. Bellagio has a specialized design studio and manufacturing division dedicated to realizing the dreams of our clients, to own a piece of jewellery that is truly unique and personal.

Bellagio has South Africa’s most promising and talented design team and is responsible for all in-house design, making sure our client’s ideas are transformed into reality and manufactured to perfection. In pursuit of perfection we use only the best in state of the art machinery and a delicate human touch conforming to the highest international standards and ensuring our clients enjoy only the finest quality.

Dedication to quality and attention to detail are qualities we pride ourselves on. Born into the industry, our Master Goldsmiths fuse the skill and secrets of a bygone era with present day know-how, crafting each individual piece to perfection.

Step into our stores and let us help you make a piece of history!

Contact Details:
Bellagio Jewellers
Tel: +27 (0) 11 883 2215

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